Financial Planning

We believe that an effective investment strategy starts with a strong, well-constructed financial plan.  Our process is collaborative and on-going. 

A good financial plan provides context for sound decision making.  We work with clients to regularly review their plans:   we update, stress test and create multiple scenarios when our clients want to discuss their latest "what if?"

What if we took less risk with our portfolio? What if we need long term care? What if we buy another home? What if we downsize? What if we want to leave our children $xx? What if we have a bear market when we retire? What if inflation comes back in full force? What if we spend more/less? What if we retire early?...

We utilize state-of-the-art financial planning software, Wealthvision by eMoney. In addition to benefiting from the robust planning capabilities, our clients have access to their own portal, where they have the ability to aggregate their financial accounts and store important papers in a personal encrypted electronic vault. 

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