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In the ever-changing and complicated financial world, it can be difficult to confidently create and implement a financial strategy, let alone manage it over the ensuing years as your life situation changes.  An up-to-date and flexible investment plan can keep you on your financial path, adjusting to the normal ups and downs of a life well lived. 

At Altus Investment Group, we are an independent investment management and financial planning firm dedicated to helping clients define and work towards their financial goals. We offer comprehensive investment management strategies coupled with on-going financial planning, helping our clients work towards a sense of well-being surrounding their financial situation.

And you don’t need to check your personal values and beliefs at the door:  our customized investment strategies allow clients to align their investments with the way they approach their lives.

Let Altus Investment Group help you develop your own investment strategy and plan, so you can stay focused on what is important to you.

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Who We Are

An investment services firm founded in 1999, we offer clients independent financial advice and fee-based investment management.

What We Do

We believe financial planning is integral to a sound investment plan, investing clients’ money based on their needs, rather than speculation.  

Sustainable Investing

Our clients can align investments with their personal values, using a sustainable investing approach in their portfolio.

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