The Altus Difference

Unlike advisors at many broker/dealer firms, the performance of our clients’ accounts impacts us directly. We derive most of our income from annual fees, expressed as a percentage of our clients’ account values as they change from time to time. Therefore, our incentive is to strive to grow our clients’ account values in an effort to create a portfolio in line with their risk tolerance. Our goal is to keep our clients from making the most common individual investor mistake: selling investments when they are down rather than when they have risen.

We also prefer to begin our relationship with each client by developing with them a detailed plan to show how our clients will pursue their goals over time. This allows our clients to come to agreement with us on how to address the volatility of their investments as they seek a sufficient rate of return towards their goals. Such a plan also can reveal risks that are not adequately protected against that could wipe out a client’s precious savings for their primary goals.

Best of all, we at Altus Investment Group LLC are employees of Altus Investment Group LLC, not the large national broker/dealer firm through which we open and maintain accounts. We can decide ourselves who to help, what services to offer and how much time to spend with each client. We will not be relocated to another part of the country and we will not be told by a national headquarters who to stop spending time with or what the minimum size of account must be to get our personal attention.

The Difference...
  • Primarily fee-based
  • Planning before investing
  • Locally owned and independent
Locally Owned
Locally Owned

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